2018 Election Day - Voter Registration Requirements Under the Higher Education Act - Consumer Information

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. Remember to vote and encourage your students to do the same! It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.
Under the Higher Education Act, schools and colleges must make a good faith effort to distribute voter registration forms to students. Voter registration forms must be made widely available and be provided to each enrolled student for federal elections and state elections for governor or other State chief executive.
Since 2008 a provision included in the Higher Education Opportunity Act has allowed colleges to, electronically distribute the voter registration forms to enrolled students by providing an internet address where such a form can be downloaded. The information must be in an electronic message devoted exclusively to voter registration and distributed to each enrolled student to be considered in compliance with the distribution requirements.
Voter Registration requirements don’t apply to institutions in states that do not have a voter registration requirement or that allow voters to register at the time of voting. Thus. schools in some states such as Idaho, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming are exempt from this requirement. In every other state, schools must request voter registration forms from the state at least 120 days prior to the state’s deadline for registering to vote. If a school does not receive the forms within 60 days prior to the deadline for registering to vote in the state, it is not liable for failing to meet the requirement during that election year.

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