The Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria Education Relief Act of 2017 extended certain flexibilities to schools that may impact their information reported on 2017-18 Award Year activity on the Fiscal Operations Report. The Department of Education identified schools that were impacted by the 2017 hurricanes or had students enrolled who were impacted by the hurricanes and awarded 2017–18 supplemental Federal Work-Study (FWS) and/or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) funds to all identified schools.

Any unexpended 2017-18 supplemental FWS or FSEOG funding may be carried forward and spent in 2018-19. The maximum amount that may be carried forward is up to 100% of the supplemental award, OR up to 10% of the total (original plus supplemental) allocation for the program. Any amount carried forward must be reported on the FISAP.

If a school returns more than 10% of its 2017-18 total (original plus supplemental) FWS and/or FSEOG allocation, the school will not receive a penalty to its 2019-20 FWS or FSEOG allocations. A school does not have to take any action in Part II, Section C of the FISAP to apply for a waiver of the underuse of funds- the waiver will be granted automatically to impacted schools that received supplemental funding.

Schools that received supplemental funding were not required to provide an institutional match to their 2017-18 FWS or FSEOG allocations. If this is applicable to your school, report any amount of institutional share your school did provide accurately on the FISAP.

If a school encounters Edit Errors (including but not limited to 08030, 08090, and 09060) during the FISAP validation process because of this guidance, you will have the option to log an explanation for the edit citing your status as a school that received supplemental funding. However, you may proceed to submit the FISAP with or without explanation.