It’s time to update your school’s DUNS number in the Government’s SAM system. All schools must complete the registration renewal and confirmation of their Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number annually. The G5 website uses a school’s DUNS number to verify grantees in the System for Award Management (SAM) Web site before it will allow you to draw funds, so it’s important to keep your DUNS number active and renew before the deadline each year. Here’s a heads up – If you don’t update your DUNS, you’ll log into G5 one day and it won’t work. And then you’ll have to wait a few weeks to get it all fixed back up before you can disburse again. Not fun.

To prevent delays in the receipt of Title IV program funds, schools should be sure to complete their annual confirmation of their DUNS number with the SAM Web site as soon as possible. A 60-day and 30-day reminder e-mail will be sent to the Point of Contact (POC) and alternate POC for your school prior to your school’s renewal deadline, but if you don’t renew in time, you could get access to G5 shut down until you do. It can take as long as 14-30 days to have access restored.

To complete the annual confirmation, a school should go to the SAM Web site and search for each DUNS number associated with programs for which the school expects to receive funds from the Department of Education (the Department). The URL for the SAM Web site is https://www.sam.gov.

For more information about the annual DUNS number registration renewal, click here.