Thursday September 17 is Constitution Day

This year Constitution Day is on Thursday, September 17.
As a Title IV Eligible Institution, it is a requirement to recognize and participate in Constitution Day, on September 17th of each year.
Looking for ideas to bring the Constitution to life on your campus? Check out these easy tips:
• Have a discussion during class on the U.S. Constitution.
• Create Student Activity Programming, such as: having all students sign the Constitution, comparing another country’s Constitution to ours, or having students get together and recite the preamble to the Constitution.
• Hand out information on the Constitution. There is a booklet entitled “Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence” (Pocket Edition) which is available for purchase through various bookstores.
• Visit the National Archives website that contains information about the entire Constitution.

There is also a private website dedicated entirely to Constitution Day, which can be useful for planning events. The website contains educational materials, flyers, and other information pertinent to the celebration of Constitution Day and can be found through the following link: