Accreditation Consultants ACICS, ACCET, NEASC

Emma Vadehra is chief of staff to Education Secretary John B. King Jr. and is responsible for making the decision whether the department will terminate ACICS federal recognition as an accrediting agency. The decision is scheduled be announced by September 21, 2016 and Washington insiders are already saying that  the decision could be appealed; bad news for anyone still speculating about ACICS fate.

ACICS is one of the nation’s largest accrediting agencies. If the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is derecognized, hundreds of schools will be required to obtain a new primary accreditor within 18 months, though ED officials have not clarified whether that’s 18 months from September 21st or from the NACIQI vote. 18 months is hardly enough time, especially for roughly 45% of schools which have not already begun the process of seeking alternative accreditation. ACCSC, ACCET and other national  accrediting agencies are already overwhelmed with pre-applications and their required meetings are booked. Following the official ACICS decision, if handed down as expected, those late adapters may simply be out of luck.