Financial Aid Audit Findings

It’s a new year and as always, we’ve got this year’s top ten compliance audit findings.

These findings represent data ED culled from institution’s annual audits and compliance examinations during the most recently completed fiscal year (2017).

1. NSLDS Roster Reporting – Inaccurate/Untimely Reporting
2. Repeat Finding-Failure to Take Corrective Action
3. Return of Title IV (R2T4) Calculation Errors
4. Return of Title IV (R2T4) Funds Made Late
5. Verification Violations
6. Entrance/Exit Counseling Deficiencies
7. Qualified Auditor’s Opinion Cited in Audit
8. Pell Grants – Overpayment/Underpayment
9. Student Credit Balance Deficiencies
10. G5 Expenditures Untimely/Incorrectly Reported

Findings like the ones on this list are preventable and if you’ve already been cited for non-compliance, corrective action can be made.

Higher Ed Executives provides colleges and universities with objective and confidential assessments that can help you uncover unknown compliance problems, and improve Title IV administrative and operational procedures and processes.

Our comprehensive assessments cover the full spectrum of Title IV Program Participation Requirements and Program Administration incuding:

  • Standards of Administrative Capability
  • Packaging, Awarding and Disbursing FSA Funds
  • Fiscal and Administrative Controls
  • Institutional Eligibility
  • The Federal Perkins Loan Program
  • The Federal Work Study Program
  • The Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant
  • The Federal Pell Grant
  • The Federal Direct Loan Program

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Third Party Servicer Program Review Top Audit Findings

  1. Inadequate Contract  / Written Policies and Procedures
  2. Inadequate Record Keeping
  3. Failure to Maintain Adequate Audit Trail
  4. Failure to Perform Proper Reconciliation
  5. Satisfactory Academic Progress Deficiencies
  6. Failure to Resolve Conflicting Information
  7. Verification Violations
  8. Student Credit Balance Deficiencies
  9. Return of Title IV Deficiencies
  10. Leave of Absence Deficiencies
  11. COD – Inaccurate/Untimely Reporting
  12. NSLDS – Inaccurate/Untimely Reporting
  13. Entrance/Exit Counseling Deficiencies
  14. Inadequate Notices and Authorizations (Required Disclosures)
  15. Failure to Report Third-Party Servicer
  16. Standards of Administrative Capability