We’ve been promised an updated Program Review Guide for years and after long last, it’s here. Not surprisingly it looks a lot like the last program review guide but contains updated information about the general guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education for both Department personnel tasked with conducting program reviews of institutions as well as information to assist institutions in preparing for and participating in a program review. The new guide covers everything from general program review processes to procedures and guidelines for following up. Surprisingly the Department doesn’t give away any secrets like their use of the “Wayback machine”  but it’s still great to have an updated reference guide for if and when the occasion arises.

At NASFAA’s 2017 Conference Jeff Baker explained that the Department continues to expand the number and focus of program reviews it conducts each year while admitting that they would like to do more than they are presently capable of doing.


A financial aid consultant can help your college identify risks and prevent program review findings

What are the most frequently reported program review findings according to ED?

ED recently released an updated program review guide packed with lot’s of great info to help schools and colleges understand the in’s and out’s of a program review. The new guide covers everything from general program review processes to procedures and guidelines for following up. According to the guide, these are the most frequently cited program review findings. 

These are the top ten most frequently cited program review findings at colleges and universities.

  • Crime Awareness Requirements Not Met
  • Verification Violations
  • Return to Title IV Calculation Errors
  • Student Credit Balance Deficiencies
  • Drug Abuse Prevention Requirements Not Met
  • Student Status – Inaccurate/Untimely Reporting
  • Entrance/Exit Counseling Deficiencies
  • Consumer Information Requirements Not Met
  • SAP Policy Not Adequately Developed and/or Monitored
  • Inaccurate Record keeping

How does your institution assess it’s risk and preparedness for audits and program reviews?

To learn more about how your institution can adjust its processes and reporting to minimize its risk of these federal student aid compliance issues, please contact us.

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