At the 2016 FSA Training Conference for Financial Aid Professionals the Department previewed FSA’s Integrated Partner Management System Solution, a new web-based platform that will be implemented later this year. IPM will integrate several stand-alone systems including the e-App and eZ-Audit, and create new processes for submitting documents electronically instead of by email or paper.

  • Eligibility and Enrollment – Submit a new or updated eligibility application. Establish, reestablish, maintain or expand institutional eligibility, ECAR, PPA, OPA
  • Program Review Processes – Comply with requests for information and documentation for a program review; program review final determination letters,
  • Compliance and Financial Statement Audit Submissions – Submit compliance audits and financial statements audit
  • Heightened Cash Monitoring Submissions – Submit reimbursement requests for funds subject to heightened cash monitoring
  • Appeals, Waivers and Exemptions – Cohort Default Rate, Gainful Employment, Campus Based Waivers, Exemptions

In general, information stored and available in IPM:

  • Data collected and maintained by Program Compliance
  • Reviewed/approved partner information submitted in an IPM data field
  • Participation information and statuses (composite score, waivers, program reviews, etc.)
  • Documents uploaded to or generated in IPM (ECAR, PPA, etc.)
  • Pending and completed activities
  • Important dates (approval, execution, renewal, expiration, etc.)