If your school is applying to participate in the Title IV federal student aid programs for the first time, or is undergoing a change of ownership your school Owner/President/CEO and Financial Aid Administrator must attend one of the Department’s “Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid” training workshops.

For new schools, attendance at this workshop is required to complete your institution’s certification and is one of the prerequisites for coming off of “provisional status”, which usually occurs 12-24 months after your school is initially approved for Title IV funding. When your school applies for recertification, the Department will check to make sure that both of the required people have attended the workshop, and for the appropriate number of days. The Department may also request that you send a copy of the certificate that you received, to prove your attendance.

If your school is undergoing a change Change of Ownership, you must also attend this workshop within 12 months.

The Department recently announced the dates and locations of each workshop that will be offered from July 2017 through June 2018. Each in-person workshop is four and one-half days in length and is conducted at one of the Department of Education’s regional training facilities. Fundamentals trainings events fill up very quickly. So if you need to attend, be sure to register as soon as possible in order to secure your seat for a time and location that is convenient.

Anyone wishing to attend the in-person, four and one-half day workshop, Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration, must first successfully complete the online, self-paced tutorial, Introduction to Federal Student Aid. The online tutorial may take up to 20 hours to complete, so plan ahead so that you can register for the in-person workshop you want to attend.

For more information refer to DCL ID: ANN-17-03.