COVID-19 hasn’t slowed progress on FSA’s Next Gen FSA initiative. Last month they introduced additional features on to promote financial literacy and additional self-service tools for students and borrowers. Among the features are the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment, a new Feedback Center where users can submit complaints and report issues, and a status center where users can find updates on their cases. The Student Aid website now has enhanced loan simulators to help borrowers evaluate their options, redesigned Direct Loan Master Promissory Note Updates and Notification center enhancements. FSA ID enhancements were also made to help ensure applicants have all the information they need to create one. According to FSA’s recent electronic announcement, more tools and features will be coming throughout the year.


Federal Student Aid’s Next Gen website has launched, and it looks pretty slick. Last month FSA combined,,, and part student access into one website – All of the functions found in these websites has been consolidated and with the exception of FSAID and NSLDS which will remain operational in the short term, the old sites redirect to the new one. While this is just the first step in what ED hopes will be a better aid delivery system for students, parents, borrowers and even aid administrators, more functionality will be rolled out in the coming year. Check out the details in this video ED posted on YouTube.

FSA also announced training for Financial Aid professionals to introduce the functions of the new platform – the first in the series shows you how to log in. Check it out but be sure to use a supported browser like Firefox or Safari.