If you’ve got leftover funds that you won’t spend from the 2017-2018 Federal Work-Study (FWS) or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), you should complete the Campus Based Reallocation Form by August 13, 2018 so that other schools can use them. The campus-based reallocation form can also be used by institutions that want to request supplemental 2018-2019 Federal Work Study Funds for employing students in community service jobs. To qualify, schools must have had an FWS fair share shortfall as shown on line 28 of the school’s 2018-2019 final funding worksheet.

The reallocation form can be found on the COD website. For more information including a sample of the form, click this electronic announcement from FSA.


Federal Student Aid is transitioning business processes for the Campus-Based programs to the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System during March 23-25, 2018. Schools will begin using the COD System for Campus-Based business processes on March 26, 2018.

To access the system, users will need to:

  • be enrolled for the COD Online Service by a school’s (or Third-Party Servicer’s) Primary Destination Point Administrator (PDPA) via the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG) Enrollment website
  • have an FSA User ID and password
  • have a valid/registered Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) token

If you’re already a eCB user and a COD user, you’ll probably get access automatically. But if you aren’t you’ll need to request access through your Primary Destination Point Administrator, get a TFA token and get a FSA User ID and password. Instructions and stuff are here.

Electronic Version of the Revised Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note

Schools making Perkins Loans to students can use the revised Electronic Perkins MPN which allows students to sign electronically using their FSA ID. The new MPN expires September 30, 2018 and replaces the one that has an expiration date of September 30, 2015. Continue reading Electronic Version of the Revised Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note