In the last few weeks schools have seen an increased volume of Subsidized Usage changes on postscreened ISIRS resulting from recent changes to COD for 150% Direct Subsidized Loan Limit determinations. In the end of October, FSA recalculated Subsidized Usage for existing subsidized loans. The recalculation and new COD calculations trigger NSLDS Postscreening and in turn, system generated ISIR and SAR data whenever there is a change in the student’s SULA Eligibility results. Many schools have already reviewed borrower eligibility using the System generated SULA Calculation response files that were sent to schools during the last week of October, however those who haven’t should pay close attention to any system generated  ISIRs they receive in the coming weeks because they may impact student eligibility for Direct Subsidized Loans due to the changes. Be on the lookout for ISIRS with NSLDS Post Screening Reason Code 27 and ISIR SAR Comment 004 and double check your SULA determinations.