Reviewing and Correcting GE Completers Lists

Later this winter NSLDS will send Draft Gainful Employment Completers Lists to each institution that has one or more GE Programs. Sending institutions their GE Completers List is the second step, following GE reporting by institutions to NSLDS, in the multi-step process of calculating a GE program’s Debt-to Earnings rates.

NSLDS will send the Draft GE Completers List to the SAIG mailbox designated by the institution for this purpose. If an institution has not designated a GE SAIG mailbox by the time NSLDS sends the Completers Lists to institutions, the only way the institution can receive its GE Completers List is by requesting it through the NLSDS Website.

Institutions will have 45 days from the date NSLDS sends out Draft Completer Lists to provide evidence of incorrect information on the list. If an institution believes that there are errors on the Draft Completers List, it must use the Data Challenges and Appeals Solution system (DCAS) to request a correction or to submit a challenge.

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