Reporting Summer Enrollment Status to NSLDS

Last month, Federal Student Aid published three Electronic Announcements about NSLDS Enrollment Reporting. Over the last few years, some schools have been cited for failing to report students to NSLDS timely as well as for incorrectly reporting student statuses during the summer and other periods of non-attendance. Although most of the guidance isn’t new, they address these common issues very explicitly and will help your school ensure compliance if followed. 

This is the second of a three part series. You can read Part one here, and stay tuned for part three later this week.




With summer officially only a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to talk about one of the most misunderstood concepts in enrollment reporting – Summer Term Enrollments.

The second Electronic Announcement released by Ed last month provides guidance on how schools should report a student’s enrollment status to NSLDS during the summer when the student was enrolled in the preceding spring term and is expected to enroll for the upcoming fall term.

In summary, a student is considered to be continuously enrolled at least half time during the summer, or in another period in which students are not generally expected to attend, classes as long as two conditions are met.

  1. There is no reason for the school to believe that the student will not enroll on an at least half time basis for the next regularly scheduled term; and
  2. The student was enrolled at least half time at the end of the previous regularly scheduled term.

According to ED, such a student should not be reported to NSLDS as “Withdrawn” as of the end of the spring term if the student was enrolled at least half time during the spring term and is expected to enroll at least half time for the upcoming fall term. In this case, the school should continue to report, through the summer months, the student’s enrollment status from the spring term even if the student is not enrolled in the summer or is enrolled less than half time. If the student does not return in the fall as expected, the enrollment status must be changed to “Withdrawn” with the end of the spring term as the Enrollment Status Effective Date.

If the student is actually enrolled during the summer or other non-required term, the school should report the summer or other term’s actual enrollment status if the student is enrolled for that term at least half time.

For example, if the student was enrolled three-quarter time in the spring term, and is enrolled half time in the summer term, the school should report the student’s half-time enrollment status for the summer months. If the student was instead enrolled less than-half time in the summer or not enrolled at all, the school should report the student’s end of spring enrollment status (three-quarter-time).

The April 20, 2017 Electronic Announcement provides additional details including a chart and further discussion on the topic of properly reporting students’ statuses. Access it here:

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