Paper Secondary Confirmation is initiated when a student’s ISIR does not pass automated secondary confirmation or when the school has conflicting information about a student’s eligible noncitizen status. Paper secondary confirmation is accomplished by completing the G-845 form and sending supporting documentation to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services for review by their case teams.

The G-845 form is completed by the Financial Aid Office and sent to the Department of Homeland Security/ USCIS along with a student’s eligible noncitizen documentation to support a claim of being an eligible noncitizen for Title IV purposes, after primary and secondary verification when a non-citizen student’s eligible status is not confirmed during the match with the Department of Homeland Security.

When an ISIR is processed for an eligible noncitizen, a verification number is created (similar to a case number). If the USCIS does not receive a G-845 form within 60 days of when the verification number was created, they automatically close the case.

If you need to send in a G-845 form after 60 days has elapsed, a new verification number must be created. According to the USCIS, you can create a new verification number on the ISIR by submitting a correction to the ISIR. They suggest making a simple correction on the ISIR to generate a new one. Just be sure not to change anything important.  Once the correction is submitted, a new verification number should be created on the resulting ISIR, which can then be used to submit the G-845.