The NSLDS Professional Access Website got a major update recently. The next time you log in you’ll see a new Organization Profile page. This page allows users to view scheduled reports, batch services, and the Transfer Student Monitoring profile associated with their school. The Scheduled Reports section displays scheduled reports the school has chosen to schedule and users can add scheduled reports right from the drop down menu. You’ll also notice that there are some new reports available such as Borrower Default Summary Report and the Date Entered Repayment Report. Users can set preferences to have these and other reports delivered as ad hoc reports or schedule them to be delivered automatically on a set schedule to their SAIG mailbox through the Profile Update page for each corresponding report. These reports can be very useful in early stage delinquency management efforts when used as part of a broader default management strategy. Check out NSLDS Newsletter 57 for more info about all of the changes and instructions for requesting reports and other data: http://bit.ly/2lcgCIo