Enrollment Reporting has gotten complicated over the last few years and in recent years, some schools have been cited by CPAs and ED alike for deficiencies in enrollment reporting. Now, a new report from NSLDS is available to assist schools with identifying and correcting errors resulting from submission of enrollment data to NSLDS. The Enrollment Errors Report (SCHER5) provides schools with error and acknowledgement information for each enrollment reporting batch submittal processed by NSLDS.

Schools are required to correct and resubmit any enrollment reporting errors to NSLDS within 10 days and these acknowledgement files will help ensure schools are correcting and resubmitting rejected records timely. Remember, that schools that use a third-party servicer for enrollment reporting must ensure enrollment reporting errors are corrected and resubmitted by the third-party servicer within 10 days. Failure to correct errors can lower a school’s Enrollment Reporting Statistics, and could lead to action by Federal Student Aid’s Program Compliance office. http://bit.ly/2hHkDks