Since students can’t receive Pell Grants for concurrent attendance at two or more schools, Financial Aid Administrators must be vigilant in monitoring transfer students for Potential Overawards of Pell (POP). Similarly, excess borrowing might occur if a school is unaware of loans a student received at another school. Transfer monitoring can help prevent these kinds of overpayments. Transfer Monitoring is a process through which schools send student information to NSLDS, so the schools can be notified of relevant changes to a student’s financial aid history and eligibility. If a student indicates they have attended or if, for example the FA office learns of a transfer from a student’s SAR or ISIR, the school should request transfer monitoring of the student on NSLDS.

On NSLDS the Transfer Student Monitoring School Transfer Profile displays information about the school for the Transfer Student Monitoring process.

Under new enhancements to the Transfer Student Monitoring Systems, school users can now elect to have students that have been submitted to NSLDS for TSM, FAH, or both added to their Enrollment Roster automatically. The Roster Options, found on the Organization Profile page of the ORG tab, display whether a school has selected to have students added to their Enrollment Roster via TSM, FAH, or both. Schools can select the eight-digit OPEID specific to the location associated with the user updating the Roster Options (TSM/FAH) or All Branches.