The collection of enrollment data is essential to the Department. It protects the rights of borrowers by ensuring that loan interest subsidies are based on accurate enrollment data. It ensures loan repayment dates are accurately based on a student’s last date of attendance. It allows in-school deferments to be automatically granted to students using NSLDS enrollment data. It provides vast amounts of critical data about the effectiveness of Title IV aid programs, including completion data.

Enrollment Reporting is required for all schools participating in Title IV aid. To assist schools in meeting reporting requirements, the National Student Loan Data System known a NSLDS provides a comprehensive guide containing step-by-step instructions for reporting enrollment information to NSLDS which is frequently updated.

The November 2016 updates to the guide include clarification on how to report enrollment data and how to add students to rosters, descriptions of new reports, information regarding reporting and retrieval of data on the Enrollment Update and Enrollment Maintenance pages, as well as a description of the new Enrollment Reporting Compliance process.