On February 17, 2019, a new function was added to the Financial Aid Administrator Access to Central Processing System (FAA Access to CPS) that allows financial aid administrators to resend record matches to the DHS SAVE System to complete Third Step Verification. There are two situations where this is necessary. On the SAVE system, when the Case Status is “Case Closed” and the SAVE Response is “Resubmit Doc”, or the SAVE Response is “Applicant Status” or “Applicant is a” field statuses do not match the student’s immigration documents, this new functionality will allow you to resend a student’s ISIR record to matching agencies including the DHS. If a student’s eligibility is not confirmed a new DHS verification number will be provided so that you can resubmit the Third Step verification request through the SAVE system.

FSA provided instructions in a recent electronic announcement, noting that this process replaces the guidance on pages 32-34 of the SAVE instructions for School Users 2.0 document “Requesting a new DHS Verification Number”. Check out their announcement for more details on how to navigate through this streamlined procedure and be sure to check out their presentation on resending record matches too.