Since the beginning of the year negotiators have been hammering out new rules for Higher Education “Accreditation and Innovation” and last month, negotiators announced they reached consensus after reaching a compromise on the proposed language which the negotiators voted on and unanimously approved. Last month, the Department of Education released “draft consensus language” that if finalized by November 1, 2019 will take effect by July 2020.

The scope of ED’s proposed plan covered a wide range of issues including proposed changes to Accreditation, Credit hour definition, Byrd Scholarship, Teach Grants, Religious Freedom, Distance Education, Competency Based Education, and State Authorization. You can read the draft consensus language in the links below.

Consensus Language 34 CFR Part 600

Consensus Language 34 CFR Part 668

Consensus Language 34 CFR Faith-Based Entities General

Consensus Language 34 CFR Part 602 and 603

Consensus Language 34 CFR Part 686

The Department of Education is expected to release proposed regulations within a few months and give the public an opportunity to provide feedback and comments before releasing final rules.