Presently, about 65% of institutions accredited by national accrediting agency ACICS have begun the process of seeking new accreditation following NACIQI’s recent decision to de-recognize the accreditor. The Department of Education is expected to announce their decision on the matter later this month and is expected to provide further guidance for affected institutions.

 When an institution seeks to change their primary accreditor, they must notify the Department of Education in writing of their intent. Included in that notification, institutions must include documentation of its current accreditation and state licensure and must also demonstrate that it has a “reasonable cause” to change its accrediting agency. According to the regs, this notification must be made as soon the institution decides to change. If your institution has started a pre-application with another accrediting agency, be sure you have notified ED.

 When the institution has secured new accreditation, it must update its E-App and submit supporting documentation. Miss this stuff and institutions risk losing Title IV eligibility. Institutions that “drop” their primary accreditor, before the department provides written acknowledgement of the institutions new accrediting agency, risk losing Title IV eligibility.