UPDATE: On March 2016, Federal Student Aid delayed several parts of the Gainful Employment rules until July 1, 2017. 

Now that the 2017 GE Disclosure Template is available, institutions must begin complying with these new disclosure distribution requirements no later than the April 3, 2017 deadline established for posting the new template.

Unlike in previous years, the 2017 GE Disclosure Template must be distributed to prospective students as a separate document before the student signs an enrollment agreement, completes registration, or makes any financial commitment to the institution. The disclosure template may be provided by hand-delivering it (individually or as part of a group presentation) to prospective students; or by sending it to the primary email address used by the institution for communicating with that student, ensuring that the disclosure template is the only substantive content in the email. If the hand-delivery method is used, written confirmation of receipt must be obtained from the prospective student. Likewise, if email delivery is utilized, the institution must receive electronic or other written acknowledgement that the email was received by the prospective student. If the institution receives a response that the email could not be delivered, the disclosure template must be sent using a different address or method of delivery. In all cases, the institution must maintain a record of its efforts to provide the disclosure template.

Any web page containing academic, cost, financial aid, or admissions information about a GE program must include the GE Disclosure Template for that program or a prominent, readily accessible, clear, conspicuous, and direct link to the programs disclosure template. In addition, all promotional materials made available to prospective students that identify a GE program by name or otherwise promote the program must include the GE Disclosure Template in a prominent manner. Where space or airtime constraints preclude inclusion of the template itself, the web address of, or the direct link to, the GE Disclosure Template must be provided.

The 2017 GE Disclosure Template can be found here: