GE Certification Statement is now required for recertification

When providing updated GE Program information to the Department, institutions must provide a new GE Certification to cover the updated list of GE Programs.  Updates that require a new certification include establishing or re-establishing the eligibility of a program, or changing the name, CIP code, or credential level of a currently-approved GE Program. The Department has provided sample language that schools should use whenever they update their E-App with new programs.

You can access the sample language here:

The GE certification is required whenever you submit an application for recertification now too (until such time as ED adds the certification to the PPA). Remember, ED doesn’t track your recertification for you anymore. It’s up to you to know when your PPA expires and to submit a “materially complete” application no later than 90 days before it expires. What does a materially complete application include? Generally:

  • A signed Signature Page L
  • State and Accrediting approvals
  • GE Certification

There are two ways that institutions may submit a new certification when updating their E-App.  The first is to copy and paste the language from the sample certification into Question 69 on the E-App. Alternatively, institutions may instead submit a signed copy of the sample certification to their School Participation Team when submitting the signature page for their updated E-App.

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