Gainful Employment

The feds just love all this Gainful Employment stuff and have been deploying communications related to every aspect of GE in seemingly endless waves. Okay, just a bit of levity, but seriously, they’ve been flooding the community with GE info – so no excuses if you get it wrong. Right?

-The GE Completers Lists were delivered to institutions on June 1st, but that’s not when the corrections period began. The corrections period was delayed so that ED and FSA could spoon feed us more dribble. Thus, the corrections period runs from June 14 to July 28, 2016. To keep you up to speed with said dribble I’ve summarized the relevant points here:

Federal Student Aid released electronic announcement #79 on June 1st when the GE completers lists were released to institutions. The announcement notes that the GE completers list viewer tool and import tool are now available for institutions. Read the full announcement at:

On June 8th, Jeff Baker provided guidance in electronic announcement #80 for institutions that received incorrect GE Completers list files. He also provided an explanation of the differences between the 2-Year Cohort and 4-Year Cohort Periods as well as the “AYR” field which indicates that students were excluded fom the compelters list. You can read the full announcement here:

Gainful employment electronic announcement #81 explains that the GE Completers Lists 45 day review period begins June 14th and ends on July 28th. It also includes yet another updated GE User Guide released this time, with a new Chapter 6 “Making GE Completers List Corrections”. The full announcement can be read at:

Finally, NSLDS produced yet another iteration of the Gainful Employment User Guide, including updated guidance related to the GE Completers list. No Comment. The June 2016 guide replaces all previous versions.