Gainful Employment – SAIG Enrollment Now Available for DCAS Online Service

Last month I informed you of the creation of the Data Challenges and Appeals Solution, also known as DCAS. The system will allow schools to submit challenges to data elements from the Draft Gainful Employment Completers List. Future releases of DCAS related to GE will include functionality for challenging the information used to calculate the debt-to-earnings (D/E) rates and eventually, it will replace the eCDR Appeals website that is presently used for challenging Cohort Default Rates.

Authorized users may now be enrolled in the DCAS Online Service by a school’s (or organization’s) Primary Destination Point Administrator (Primary DPA) via the SAIG Website:

The DCAS isn’t on line yet, but it will be here shortly. Keep in mind SAIG  Enrollment takes a few days, so don’t wait until the GE deadlines to register or your appeals will be sunk.

For more information click here:

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