Gainful Employment Draft GE Completers List Distribution

On June, 1st, 2016 the Department provided schools the long-anticipated Draft Gainful Employment Completers Lists, kicking off the second phase of the implementation of the Final GE Regs which aim to calculate GE Program Debt-to-Earnings Rates. Are you ready for the next steps?

The report is being delivered via the school’s SAIG Mailbox however, the Data Challenges and Appeals Solution (DCAS) system will not be used for this corrections cycle. Instead, schools will have to use NSLDS for this corrections cycle. Institution will have 45 days to submit corrections to the information included in the Draft GE Completers list. According to FSA, the 45-day period will NOT begin until they have published the “GE Completers List Corrections Submission” process on the NSLDS website sometime later in June and will publish the corrections cycle dates at that time too.

To ensure your institution is prepared to submit any necessary corrections to your Draft GE Completers List during the 45-day corrections period, you must verify that the user at your institution who will be responsible for submitting corrections has access to the NSLDS Professional Access Web site, and the user’s NSLDS Online Services access includes Enrollment Update functionality.

If a user currently has Enrollment Update for NSLDS Online Services access, that user will automatically be granted access to the functions necessary to participate in the online Draft GE Completers List corrections process. However, if the user at your institution who will be responsible for submitting Draft GE Completers List corrections to NSLDS does not have NSLDS Online Services access that includes Enrollment Update functionality, that user will have to be added.

To help schools get up to speed, FSA is providing two different webinars (each offered twice): For more information about the webinars, click here:

After the Completers Lists are finalized, the Department will obtain and compile mean and median annual earnings information, and loan debt information, for students on the final GE Completers Lists. Institutions will receive their draft D/E rates in January 2017 for review and will have an opportunity to challenge certain data used in the calculation of those rates.

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