Institutions participating in the FWS and FSEOG programs are normally required to provide a non-Federal share under each program.  Certain institutions, however, are eligible for a waiver of those requirements. To receive a waiver of the FWS and FSEOG non-Federal share requirement, the institution must be designated as an eligible Title III or Title V institution. If an institution is designated as a Title III or Title V institution for Federal Fiscal 2019 it will receive a waiver of the requirement for the non-Federal share of earned compensation paid to students under the FWS Program and of FSEOG funds awarded to students for the 2019-2020 Award Year.

Institutions that are determined eligible for a Title III or Title V program automatically receive the waiver of the non-Federal share requirement for the Campus-Based Programs for the 2019-20 Award Year. No further action is required.

Institutions that are not designated as eligible for a Title III and Title V program have the option to complete the Application for Designation as an Eligible Institution by the deadline which will be announced in the Federal Register in early 2019.