Federal Student Aid just announced the Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration training workshops schedule for November 2018 through September 2019. These four and a half day, in-person workshops are conducted at ten different locations around the country throughout the year at one of the Department of Education’s regional training facilities.

If a school undergoes a change in ownership or control, or if your school is applying for Title IV participation for the first time, the school’s chief financial aid administrator and its chief administrator (typically school President, CEO or another high-level school official designated by the President or CEO) must attend training. For new schools, attendance at this workshop is required to complete your institution’s certification and is one of the prerequisites for coming off “provisional status”, which usually occurs 12-24 months after your school is initially approved for Title IV funding. When your school applies for recertification, the Department will check to make sure that both required people have attended the workshop, and for the appropriate number of days. The Department may also request that you send a copy of the certificate that you received, to prove your attendance. If your school is undergoing a Change of Ownership, you must also attend this workshop within 12 months.

Anyone who plans to attend must also complete online prerequisite courses for FSA Coach Fundamentals which is approximately 20-30 hours to complete. After passing the course, participants will be sent a link to register for the in-person session.

Participants who wish to register for and attend a Fundamentals of Federal Student Aid Administration workshop must first successfully complete an online, prerequisite course titled FSA Coach Fundamentals (formerly known as Introduction to Federal Student Aid). The online course may take 20 to 30 hours to complete, so please plan accordingly. Together, these two courses comprise the Fundamentals Training Series.

FSA is offering two workshops that are exclusively for schools with clock-hour programs. These clock-hour-only workshops are scheduled for May 6-10, 2019 in Dallas, Texas and May 13-17, 2019 in Washington, DC. Only schools with clock-hour programs will be allowed to attend these workshops. Clock-hour schools may, however, enroll in any workshop that is listed in this announcement and are not limited to the two listed above. All workshops cover material applicable to clock-hour schools.

For more information including the 2018-2019 schedule of trainings, a brief Q&A, and information about registering check out this electronic announcement from FSA.