As the FSA Publications winds down printing and mailing publications to schools for the final time, FSA has provided instructions for schools regarding the availability and continued use of paper master promissory notes. According to a recent electronic announcement, after August 30, 2018, schools will no longer be able to order blank MPNs via the FSA Publications portal. If a school wants the current paper version of the Direct Loan MPNs, it should order those items no later than August 30, 2018. FSA Pubs will continue to accept and fill orders received through August 30th (as inventory levels allow). FSA encourages schools to have students complete MPNs electronically via the StudentLoans.gov website.

After August 30, 2018, schools that continue to use only paper MPNs may:

  • Print a blank MPN from the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) Web Site’s Services page or the IFAP website.
  • Direct the borrower to print a blank MPN from the StudentLoans.gov website.
  • Produce or program the entire form. Schools that create their own MPN must submit a copy of the school-produced version to FSA for testing to ensure that it can be processed.