Last month the Department made additional enhancements to the FSA ID. The enhancements were made as part of the Next Generation (Next Gen) Financial Services Environment FSA has been implementing. The FSA ID is used by students, parents and borrowers to access websites like FAFSA.gov, StudentLoans.gov, NSLDS Student Access, StudentAid.gov, and the myStudentAid mobile app. The FSA ID is also required for access to the Application for Borrower Defense to Loan Repayment and the Federal Student Aid Feedback System.

According to a recent electronic announcement from FSA, the following enhancements were made on May 19th.

Require verified email address or mobile phone number. New FSA ID users will be required to provide either a verified email address or mobile phone number when creating an FSA ID account. Existing FSA ID users who do not already have a verified email address or mobile phone number will be prompted to provide one when logging in for the first time after implementation of this change. This enhancement ensures FSA ID users can manage their account more effectively and helps us stay in contact with FSA ID users as needed. As a reminder, a verified email address or mobile phone number can be used to log in, reset a password, retrieve a username, or unlock an FSA ID account.

Replace Create-Your-Own Challenge Questions with Pick-From-List Challenge Questions. FSA ID users must answer four challenge questions when creating an FSA ID account. The answers to the challenge questions may be required to verify the user’s identity and are an important security feature. Currently, FSA ID users select two challenge questions from a list of questions and create two challenge questions on their own. To streamline the process for users, we will remove the create-your-own option. Users will select all four required challenge questions from a list.

Add Editable Summary Page to the Create Account Process. Users will have the option to edit the summary information that is presented at the end of the process to create an FSA ID. If a user identifies an error, he or she may edit and save the information directly on the summary page, rather than having to go back to correct the information on a prior page.