Final Regulations for Program Integrity and Improvement–Cash Management, Clock-to-Credit-Hour Conversion, and Repeat Coursework

The U.S. Department of Education published a number of final regulations in the federal register which amended prior regulations related to Cash Management, Treatment of Repeat Coursework in Term Based programs and Clock-To-Credit Hour Conversion formula. These regulations go into effect on July 1, 2016.

Cash Management – Ensure that students have convenient access to their Title IV HEA program funds, do not incur unreasonable and uncommon financial account fees on their Title IV funds and are not led to believe they must open a particular financial account to receive their Federal Student Aid.

Repeat Coursework – Allow an institution offering term-based programs to count for enrollment status purposes, courses a student is retaking that the student has previously passed, up to one repetition per course, including when a student is retaking a previously passed course due to the student failing other coursework.

Clock-To-Credit-Hour Conversion – Removed the provisions under which a State or Federal approval or Licensure action could cause a program to be measured in clock hours.

Books and Supplies – Set conditions institutions must meet to include if including books and supplies in tuition and fees, for the purposes of crediting the student’s account.

You can read the full Federal Register here:

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