Some colleges are neglecting to report enrollment statuses to NSLDS for transfer students. When a transfer student does not appear on an NSLDS reporting roster, some schools seem to simply overlook them for he purposes of enrollment reporting. Often the problem can be attributed to a lack of awareness of the requirement. In others, its inadequate systems or processes that fail to properly keep track of transfers.

Failure to report enrollment information for these students could result all kinds of problems like a student entering repayment while attending or losing interest subsidy prematurely. In some cases, a student might even erroneously retain an interest subsidy when he or she should not.  I commonly get questions from my clients about enrollment reporting. They all want to know the same thing…

So how do we fix enrollment reporting problems?

The key is to remember that this rule applies to all students, not just those students receiving Title IV aid at the receiving school. Schools are required to report enrollment information to NSLDS for every student who is transferring to the institution from another school. It’s best to deploy a system that ensures all of the reportable students get reported during each reporting cycle. Consider adding manual entry to batch processing to catch students due off of your school’s regular reporting cycle. And Remember…Nothing replaces good communication and folks working together toward a common goal. Good systems, when followed can be your best asset.

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