EDExpress MPN Print Functionality Discontinued

If your school uses EDExpress to print master Promisorry Notes you’ll be disappointed to learn that the service has been discontinued following the implementation of new forms last week.  When a school begins using the newly approved Master Promissory Notes (MPNs), it will no longer be able to print MPNs, MPN Manifests, and Disclosure Statements using EDExpress. Fillable PDF versions of the revised MPNs will be available on the StudentLoans.gov. EDExpress Direct Loan users should begin directing loan applicants to the StudentLoans.gov website to complete online versions of the MPN. Otherwise, schools will need to have students complete pre-printed paper versions of the MPN, MPN Manifest, and Disclosure Statement which can be obtained from FSA Pubs or use another software system to complete the MNP. http://bit.ly/2eNcNor