Confirming Compliance with GE Reporting Requirement

Institutions have asked how they can confirm that they are compliant with the Gainful Employment reporting requirements for the programs included on their NSLDS GE Program Tracker.

An institution has met its reporting requirement for a GE program that is included on the Department’s NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for a year –

  • If the word ‘Yes’ is in the ‘Source GE’ column for the program. A ‘Yes’ indicates that the institution has reported students for that program for that year;


  • If any value other than ‘A1’ is in the ‘Status Reason’ column for the program for that year. A value other than ‘A1’ means that the institution annotated the tracker to indicate that the program does not need GE reporting for that year. [See GE Electronic Announcement #53 for information on which of an institution’s academic programs are GE programs and therefore must be reported on.]

If neither of the above conditions is met, the institution must either report for the program/year or make a substantiated and documented annotation to the ‘Status Reason’ value in the NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for the program/year.

If any of an institution’s programs included in the NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for any of the 2008-2009 through 2013-2014 award years appear in the Program Tracker with a ‘Source GE’ value of ‘No’ and ‘Status Reason’ value of ‘A1’ (Active), the institution will continue to be included on the Department’s non-compliant list.

Important Notes

  • Institutions must report or annotate every program included on the institution’s NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for each award year (2008-2009 through 2013-2014), even if the program was not offered for a year or if there were no Title IV aid recipients enrolled in the program for a year.
  • It is important that institutions ensure that all students who received Title IV aid for a program have been reported. Institutions must report all students who received Title IV aid to attend the GE program for that year or for any of the reporting award years.

The fact that a program appears with ‘Source GE’ value of ‘Yes’ for a year only means that at least one student has been reported for that program for that year. An institution can determine which students were reported for a program/year by going to the NSLDS Professional Access website and checking the GE List under the Enroll Tab, or it may go to the Report List and request the GENEX1 report which will include all of the information that was reported. The GENEX1 report will be sent to the TG mailbox of the requestor, typically within 24-28 hours.

  • Institutions must be certain that the reporting for each student was complete and accurate.
  • Institutions must be certain that when they annotate a GE Program/Year on the NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for a year, that they can document why reporting was not required.

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