How to confirm compliance with the 2015-2016 GE Reporting Requirements

Institutions have asked how they can confirm that they are compliant with the GE reporting requirements for the programs included on their NSLDS GE Program Tracker for the most recent 2015-2016 collection cycle.

An institution has met its reporting requirement for a GE program that is included on the Department’s NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for a year:

  • If the word ‘Yes’ is in the ‘Source GE’ column for the program. A ‘Yes’ indicates that the institution has reported students for that program for that year; or
  • If any value other than ‘A1’ is in the ‘Status Reason’ column for the program for that year. A value other than ‘A1’ means that the institution annotated the tracker to indicate that the program does not need GE reporting for that year.

If neither of the above conditions is met, the institution must either report for the program/year or make a substantiated and documented annotation to the ‘Status Reason’ value in the NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for the program/year.

If any of an institution’s programs included in the NSLDS GE Program Tracker List for any award year appears in the Program Tracker with a ‘Source GE’ value of ‘No’ and ‘Status Reason’ value of ‘A1’ (Active), the institution will continue to be included on the Department’s non-compliant list.