Campus Crime Annual Security Safety Report

Do you know the difference between the Annual Security Report and the Campus Safety and Security Survey?

Every school that receives Title IV FSA Funds, is required to publish an Annual Security Report by October 1st of each year. If your campus has on-campus student housing, you must also publish an Annual Fire Safety report by October 1st of each year. Your Campus Crime Survey is NOT your annual security report. 

Although the Annual Security Report and the Annual Fire Safety report disclose similar data to the Campus Safety and Security Survey, it’s important to note the difference because they are two completely different things.

Think of it like this. The required annual report contains not only the crime statistics your school reported in the preceding years Security Survey, but also all of your institution’s safety and security polices and fire safety policies.

The annual security report and fire safety reports are to be published and disseminated to students and employees each year. Your institution may not use its participation in the survey to fulfill its annual report dissemination requirement. Nor may an institution simply provide a link to the Office of Postsecondary Education’s public website to fulfill the requirement. This is extremely important to note for compliance purposes since some schools have been cited for things like inadequately developed safety and security policies and failure to make the required annual disclosure.  

In case you missed it, the Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting was recently updated and includes information about Campus Security Policy Requirements. You can read it here.