Accreditation Consultants ACICS, ACCET, NEASC

ACICS President and CEO Michelle Edwards confirmed today that the accreditor will be seeking recognition from the Department of Education to again become a National Accreditor. The agency plans to submit a formal petition to ED by October 1 which will allow them to be considered for the Spring 2018 NACIQI meeting, just in time for schools that haven’t met all of the milestones necessary to maintain their financial aid eligibility. Should the agency be re-recognized next spring, schools that have been unable to find another accreditor may get a free pass. On the other hand, if the agency doesn’t obtain recognition the recently introduced Senate Appropriations Bill might provide an additional 18 month extension so that schools can obtain alternative accreditation. 

ACICS has been greeted by the current Presidential Administration with an attitude that is more favorable to the accreditor which accredited primarily schools and colleges with career training programs until its recognition was terminated last year. Last month ACICS made news after United States District Judge Reggie B. Walton ruled that states have the right to intervene and defend the Obama administration’s decision to revoke the commission’s recognition with the Department of Education. ACICS sued for an injunction against ED and the court has denied it. Although Secretary DeVos has defended the Obama era decision in court, ACICS is expected to drop it’s suit as ACICS seeks to expedite it’s re-recognition. Indeed things are looking up for the agency and the remaining schools it accredits.

In an additional statement the accreditor explained that ACICS has adopted new accreditation criteria to improve the effectiveness of its accreditation process.