You read that right. Last year NACUBO and the Department teamed up to separate the College Financing Plan (CFP) into two forms: one for undergraduate schools and another for graduate and professional schools. That’s a HUGE improvement. Additionally, the format of the College Financing Plan has also been updated for 2020-2021 to include additional data elements, a new responsive design, and the ability to customize the colors of the CFP to match those of your institution.

If you’re institution agreed to comply with the Principles of Excellence (POE) in Executive Order 13607, you must provide this form to prospective students who are eligible to receive federal military and veterans’ education benefits. Other institutions can use it too and must provide it to all graduate and undergraduate students. Each of the components institutions need to complete institutional College Financing Plans, including the HTML specifications file, technical guide, and a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found here.