Registration for the 2017-2018 IPEDS Data Collection Schedule opens in August. Reporting to IPEDS is mandatory thus; all institutions are required to register for the 2017-18 data collection cycle. UserIDs and passwords for 2017-18 will be distributed to all institutions on August 9. Those with designated keyholders will receive information via email. All institutions for which there is no designated keyholder will receive a letter directed to the CEO containing registration information. To register, visit the IPEDS website at: https://surveys.nces.ed.gov/ipeds/

During the Registration Period, institutions are encouraged but not required to complete Report Mapping, Institution Identification, and IC Header. Report Mapping (if applicable) and Institution Identification must be completed, and IC Header must be locked before the Fall surveys can be started. Report Mapping and IC Header are available until the end of the Fall collection. Institution Identification is available through Spring.

On August 30, NCES will review the registration status of each institution. If an institution has not registered as of this date, a letter will be sent to the CEO requesting appointment of a new keyholder.

If you are responsible for reporting IPEDS data at your school, here are some other important dates to mark on your calendar.

September 6, 2017 – Fall Collection Opens – Institutional Characteristics; Completions; 12-month Enrollment

December 13, 2017 – Winter Collection Opens – Student Financial Aid; Graduation Rates; 200% Graduation Rates; Admissions; Outcome Measures

December 13, 2017 – Spring Collection Opens – Fall Enrollment; Finance; Human Resources; Academic Libraries